March 25, 2009

GAO report on Dongrek

Fascinating GAO report on Dongrek resettlement effort, and detail of what was happening when we were evacuating along the border every time the war came to the camp...with time either long forgotten, or vaguely remembered by us the refugees once languished there

Each of us was just one addition to the statistical number cited in the report. Perhaps the people who did the report then never realize the pain and despair, the joy and ethereal feeling every time we experienced something:the morning we got our names called to board the bus for the JVA interview, the night we got rejected, and the long day and night waiting for that moment to come.
For some among us, it never came.Get the full report here

March 23, 2009

Đường Ra "Sơn Cách"

Quang cảnh nh7ng con đường ra trại tị nạn Campuchea. Dân tị nạn Việt Nam lúc ấy ở trong trại Việt Nam, lâu lâu ra chợ Khmer đi chợ, đi chơi.
Những tấm hình này chụp ở Site 2, nhưng Site 2 có nhiềi trại lắm nên không biết trại nào, nhưng quang cảnh ở đâu dọc biên giới cũng hao hao như vậy thôi.

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