January 29, 2012

Sinh Hoạt trại Dong Rek

Anh Đức đang bổ củi

Bác An đang nấu ăn. 
Bếp được cắt ra làm từ thùng dầu viện trợ của Mỹ
(Photo courtesy of Dai Pham)

January 26, 2012

Tran Anh Tuan 1958 #30 in Phnomchat list.

 Toi ten Nguyen Khanh 57 tuoi den Trai Banthad ngay 16 thang 3 nam 1989 . chi 2 ngay sau khi trai dong cua.
Sau do bi thanh loc rot o Panatnikhom roi bi dua ve trai Sikiu de bi cuong bach hoi huong ve VN nam 1995.
Toi qua My thang 4 nam 1997 va hien nay la Ky su Thiet ke O Dallas Fort Worth.
 Luc con o Banthad toi co lam viec cho COR christian Outreach voi co Helene va Co Melanie.
 Toi co nguoi ban ten Tran Anh Tuan sinh nam 1958 nha o Le Hong Phong saigon. Tuan la cuu hoc sinh Petrus ky giong nhu toi. Luc con o trai Tuan co day chuong trinh Special English of VOA.
 Toi va tran Anh Tuan, Chau Soc, Nguyen o chung mot nha o trai Banthad.
 Anh co biet Tuan o dau nho anh vui long forward email cho anh ta hoac giup toi de lien lac.
 Cam on anh.

January 19, 2012

interested in your blog

Hello  hung
I got your email from the blog http://ttnbg.blogspot.com/2008/05/7-early-camp-near-nong-samet-population.html while I am doing the research for the project  "refugee camps " . For now I only interested in southeast Asia may be later it will expand to other areas.
I would like to used your material  and link to your blog, and complete credit (courtesy) what ever information I used to your blog.
The reason I am doing this project because I am retired now, I was one of the boat people, I saw so many stories scatter all over the internet. I would like to consolidate the info to one web site . I am already taking 2 domain name " refugeecamps.net  and refugeecamps.info"
I am design the web site now and try to gather information as much as I can. I was in Pulau Tengah Malaysia 79-80. I got all the boats number , date arrive to PT and number people, and also the pictures of the refugee camp before and after.
 I just visit Galang. I plan to visit many refugee camps, plan on april to visit Laem sing and Sa Kaeo in Thailand
Please let me know
 Thank you very much
Van Thompson or Thanh Van

January 18, 2012

Vài khuôn mặt thời tị nạn Dongrek

Bác Đà

Jean Marie, Dương, Quý, Bình
Quân, Dương, Bình,Bửu, Lan

Hai chị em Uyên, Huân

Hai anh em Quân Dương

Đài, Sa Lê


Đoàn, Đài, Long, Cường

(Photo courtesy of Dai Pham)

January 13, 2012

More pictures of Father Ceyrac and the Bishop visit Nong Samet 1983

(Photo courtesy of Dai Pham)

January 09, 2012

Father Pierre Ceyrac at Nong Samet in 1983

Picture is out of focus, but it tells much about the heart of Father Pierre Ceyrac, here with Vietnamese refugees  at Nong Samet camp in 1983
(Photo courtesy of Dai Pham)

January 07, 2012



I'm Leon de Riedmatten who opened NW9 in 1980 with ICRC.

I would be pleased to be in touch to the ones who were there at the time.

With my best wishes

Leon de Riedmatten

January 04, 2012

Đức Cha thăm trại Nong Samet

These pictures were taken in 1983 at Nong Samet camp, when  Bishop  Anthony Joseph Bevilacqua,  other Bishops, priests and father Pierre Ceyrac visited the camp
The pictures are in front of the Nong Samet hospital for Vietnamese refugees section

(Photo courtesy of Dai Pham)

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