November 10, 2007

We were there - Map

Somewhere along the Thailand border, we arrived, lived and anguished in one of those refugees camps...We existed among many thousands other Cambodian refugees, in a Vietnamese refugee camps among other huge refugee camps, like an tiny island in the vast archipelago. There we lived, prayed, and survived probably one of the harshest time in our lives.

But we were happy. Many of us got out of the refugee camps and are happy with where we are now; many of us do not; and still some of us never got out alive. They died and got buried somewhere in the dense jungle along the border, filled with mines and inhumanity. A place roamed only the wild animals, and infested with menacing men. The Khmer Rouge, the Para, the Thai special force, and the pavn (People Army of Vietnam).

Until we came.
Lived, hoped, and survived or died

These are only the pictures in our possession, and our stories. If you stumble across this blog site, please post any pictures, stories for our children to see how their parent escaped, lived, and build a life as they have today....

And today pictures, stories too. We are all eager to learn about each other family

Send stories and pictures to and it will be posted here automatically, for all to see.


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