June 07, 2011


Vietnamese refugees did not live at Khao-I-Dang camp, however, many Vietnamese were transported to Khao-I-Dang whenever they need medical attention that the clinic at the Vietnamese platform could not provide, such as surgeries, tooth extraction, or need to be observed.

Many of us may recognize Khao-I-Dang from these pictures.

Entrance to the Khao-I-Dang

The water tower, landmark at Khao-I-Dang

"Dentist chair" in Khao-I-Dang

Another view of "Dentist chair" in Khao-I-Dang

Inside Khao-I-Dang hospital


SRO said...

Cái này có từ thời nào vậy....


tP said...

There were about 1,200 Vietnamese Refugees living in Section 13 from 1979-80 in Khao-I-Dang of more than 100,000 Cambodian Refugees. About less than 50% can speak, write and understand Vietnamese well. The rest either are Cambodian who can speak the language, Chinese-Cambodian who did business with VNese, Cambodian-Vietnamese who lived along the border of these 2 countries. There're 2 VN senior dental students and an American dentist working in section 13th clinic with a VN doctor and 2 nurses? The Bangkok Post at the time did not know that Vietnamese Refugee living there, too.

Thinh said...

tP: This is a valuable information. We thought there was no Vietnamese at KID, until now. Did all Vietnamese in KID went to the third countries directly from there, or did they get transferred to one of the Vietnamese camps along the border?

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