April 15, 2013

MONTREAL.....Destination of the Re-Union - More Info

Repost 1: More lodging information

Trước Thềm Hội Ngộ 


Bonjour from Montreal...

In the recent days, we’ve received lot of questions from our fellow VNLRs, regarding the destination of the Reunion: Montreal city, Canada.
As an effort to provide you some inside takes and know-how’s about this city, with hope they will be an aid tool for your travel needs heading to meet beloved friends from everywhere.

Bon voyage! Have an awesome reunion!

*  *  *

When: Saturday, the 22nd of June , 2013 , Reception begins at 11:00 , suggesting to arrive earlier so you can have a tour on the most magnificent and wonderful St-Joseph Oratory. In fact, it is the biggest and tallest Catholic Church in the North America continent.

Where: At "L'Auberge" (Reception Hall) attaching to the St-Joseph's Oratory
3800 Queen Mary Road
Montreal, QC, H3V 1H6
link: http://www.saint-joseph.org/

Airport:  YUL - Montreal Airport

Where to Stay
- There are many places to  stay, be sure to book early as summertime is high season.
- The reunion venue has lodging for those who book early, and prefer to stay as a group, a very excellent option- check here http://www.saint-joseph.org/en_1060_index.php  
- Our special guests are staying at Mariott Residence Inn - just in case you wonder. Check here http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/yulra-residence-inn-montreal-airport/  )

Where to eat: 
Lodging at Oratoire
Montreal is best known of Gastronomical city due to its rich and diversity of multi-cultural ethnics, fine cusine from Asia to Mediterrian, Europe to North American, Mexican, Cuban…you won’t be starved

We publish and update program frequently as event and time begin to come in place, please check back often
* * *

Note: We are grateful to have organized this Reunion right here at the Oratory of St-Jospeh which is established and administered by the Congregation of Holy Cross <CSC : Congregation de Ste-Croix>, this church also sponsored many VNLRs from Site 2.

Đền Thánh Giu-Se Montréal...Chính nơi đây mộ của  Saint Frère André được đặc giữa lòng của Nhà thờ, dân Bản Địa rất tin và họ đến cầu nguyện xin được ban Hồng Ân....Rất nhiều người đã được tọai nguyện...

How to get there:

By Air:
Montreal Airport code: YUL. 
There are many non-stop flights between the USA, Internationals and Montreal.
THE USA: Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Fort Myers, FL, Hartford, CT, Houston, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, Minneapolis / St-Paul, MN. New York (JFK), NY, New York (LGA), NY, New York (Newark), NY, Orlando (INT), FL, Philadelphie, PA, San Francisco, CA, Tampa, FL, Washington (Dulles), DC, Washington (Reagan), DC
INTERNATIONAL: Acapulco, Mexico,Amsterdam, Netherlands, Athens, Greece, Barcelone, Spain, Basel-Mulhouse, Switzerland, Bordeaux France, Brussels, Belgium, Dublin, Ireland, Frankfurt, Germany, Geneva, Switzerland, London (Gatwick), U.K., London (Heathrow), U.K., Lyon, France, Madrid, Spain, Marseille, France, Munich, Germany, Nantes, France, Nice, France, Paris (Charles-de-Gaulle), France, Paris (Orly), France, Rome, Italy, Toulouse, France, Venice, Italy, Zurich, Switzerland.
USA: Plattburgh, NY(45 min. of driving from Montreal), Albany NY (3 hours of driving from Montreal),, Manchester, NH (4 hours of driving from Montreal),, Burlington VT (90 min of driving from Montreal),  , Syracuse NY (3 hours of driving from Montreal).

By car:
From the USA/ New England states, Pennsylvania, Washington DC: I-85, I-87, I-89, I-91 all will lead to Quebec-Canada-USA border.
Driving Distances to Montreal from Major North American Cities (in miles):  Boston: 300, Buffalo: 380, New York: 360, Ottawa: 120, Philadelphia: 460, Pittsburgh: 565, Portland: 250. Quebec City: 150, Toronto: 325.
Have proper identification
Make sure you carry proper identification for yourself and any children traveling with you to assist in confirming your legal right or authorization to enter Canada upon your arrival.
Identification for U. S. citizens and permanent residents
If you are a U.S. citizen, ensure you carry proof of citizenship such as a passport, birth certificate, a certificate of citizenship or naturalization, a U.S. Permanent Resident Card, or a Certificate of Indian Status along with photo identification.
For all modes of entry, we recommend you carry a valid passport for all travel abroad, including visits to Canada from the United States. A passport may be required by your airline or alternative transportation authority, as it is the only universally-accepted identification document.
Identification for international visitors
The Government of Canada requires that all travelers carry a valid passport because it is the only reliable and universally-accepted travel and identification document for the purpose of international travel.
International transportation companies such as airlines may require travelers to present a passport. Therefore, travelers may face delays or may not be allowed to board the aircraft or other mode of transportation, if they present other documents.
When you enter Canada, a border services officer may ask to see your passport and a valid visa (if you are arriving from a country for which one is required). We remind all travelers you must carry proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate, a certificate of citizenship or naturalization or a Certificate of Indian Status along with photo identification.

LANGUAGES: French and English are official languages in Canada.  But at the Reunion, we even can speak Vietnamese, Khmer and Cham as well J

CURRENCY: At the time of the Reunion, the US dollar is slightly stronger than Canadian dollar. {as of today th5 th of April 2013: 1USD = 1.01 CAD}.  Most of  local merchants would accept USD but may be at par only (i.e 1US=1CAD).  Tip: Exchange your cash at “Exchange office”  without commission  prior to shopping or use your plastics (credit cards).

WEATHER and CLIMATE: Montreal is famous for its snowy falling and storms…but not at the time of Reunion…It will be summer…and summer in Montreal is hot, very hot and humid too.  Please consume lot of water during those hot summer days.

UNIT: metric system is used in Canada (i.e Kilometer, Kilogram, meter…as is in Vietnam)
TRANSPORT: You can discover Montreal by Metro (Subway), bus, taxi, bike... for a nominal fee, a bus and subway pass offer a whole-day, 3-days, week, month...
A well known place is Ville Marie...a city "UNDERGROUND" with many high-end brand stores for you to shop.

Major chain Hotels are located around Montreal and Downtown core , but the rate at downtown is very high.  Because summer is festive seasons here with many international events take place ( International Jazz, Grand Prix F1, Roger Tennis tournements, …) .
We recommend that you book in advance, and our preferable hotel for our special guests is at Mariott Residence Inn (link: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/yulra-residence-inn-montreal-airport/  )

Montreal is best known of Gastronomical city due to its rich and diversity of multi-cultural ethnics, fine cusine from Asia to Mediterrian, Europe to North American, Mexican, Cuban…you won’t be starved…

We think we are not qualified to describe all details about a city that has many choices to offer. We wish to link you to the Tourism of Montreal, where you can find more info.  Please enjoy!
However, we are always here to help you….please drop us a line, on cell , facebook…whatever is convenient for you…some one will assist you in a timely manner. We also welcome any suggestion, questions ...

We continue update and bring you informed of any progress and approach developments ...please check back from time to time for more information .Thank you!

UP NEXT: The Re-union agenda - program, who will be with us,...etc...


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