January 25, 2014

My Biography - Sieu Sean Do

Our friend Sieu Sean Do (aka Do Chi Sieu) is writing his biography and needs friends' support. Below is information Sieu has created to raise fund for this book. 

Click on the link below to find out how 

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Dear Friends and family,

As many of you may already know, I am a survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide and of the war between Cambodia and Vietnam. At the age of eleven, I was forced to leave my country and moved to Vietnam. After living there for seven years, I fled to a refugee camp in Thailand where I joined the International Red Cross and trained as a physician’s assistant. 

I was considered a young medic among the team and my language abilities gave me an opportunity to help doctors and delegates to bridge communication gaps. From 1982 to 1985, I served over 8000 refugees at the Thailand border. In 1985, the Danish Red Cross selected me to study in Denmark, where I lived for five years until my arrival to the United States in 1989. 

Currently, I am fundraising for the writing of my autobiography. This project will require tremendous commitment, time and energy. It will take about eighteen months to complete the book. Your contributions will allow me to retell an unsung history--my experiences of living through the Khmer Rouge genocide, my witnessing medical volunteers, and many other non-profit organizations selflessly dedicated their lives for our survival. I hope these stories can be passed down to our younger generation and to others who have yet to know how refugees lived at the border between Cambodia and Thailand. 

Sieu Sean Do



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