February 07, 2014

A place called home - Photo courtesy of Stéphane Rousseau

To the refugees then, these volunteers were living in paradise. They must have good food, beautiful place, nice cars, wonderful walkies talkie, full of power. Now that we all know how a comfortable life feel like. We live in place where food is bountiful and convenience a given, we just realize the volunteers must abandon their comfortable lives to come to the dangerous border to save us, to lend us a hand when we were the most helpless.

Here is a photo of the place Stephane used to live and worke for the refugees at the border camps. How many of us could be willing to do the same to our fellow refugees who are still everywhere around the world: Ethiopia, Somalia, Burma, Syria...to name a few?

Notre maison, à Andy et moi, à Tapraya
(Our home - Andy and me) in Tapraya


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