April 18, 2008

BS Nguyen Huu Nhieu

Anh Hưng Mến,
Kèm đây là bài gởi qua e-mail attached lần thứ 3. Mình chỉ biết gởi insert attached thôi. Có gì thì anh chỉ bảo dùm?
Cảm ơn

Hi anh Darren:
Xin anh goi lai lan nua.
Blog does not work with text in attachment (only attached picture would work).
Attached file will not arrive to blog (nobody see it at all)
To post blog by email, the text must be in the email. ANh co the copy all the text and paste it in your email (hay anh co the cho minh email cua anh, minh se lien lac voi nhau bang email thuong)
Sorry for the confusion


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