June 06, 2013

Trước Thềm Hội Ngộ: Những tấm hình bây giờ mới thấy

Do Chi Sieu just receives some photos taken on the day the first group of refugees were transported to Panatnikhom from Site A, the very first morning after we evacuated to Site A from Dongrek.

On the morning of Jan 25,1985,  after an exhausted night in the forest,  this group of refugees were blessed to walk about half an hour (or one hour?) to a clearing in the forest, known as Site 2 later in our journey, where the beautiful busses were waiting for them.  They would be in Panatnikhom that afternoon,  while the rest of us were still looking for each others, crying with each other, erecting shelter, digging trenches, waiting for the brutal unknown lurking on the other side of the border.

These are the photos of the lucky ones, the chosen ones, the happiest ones on earth at the time. We wish to hear the story from them, and share with each other the joy, the jubilant, the sadness, the depressed... the most memorable moment in our life.

Thank you Peter Korslund, and thanks Sieu, for sharing these priceless photos.

Peter Korslund, on right, seen in this photo working with two other volunteers at Khao I Dang for the malnourished children under five in the refugee camps.
Peter is the photographer of all the photos in this post.
Thank you, Peter


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