December 15, 2013

Return to Tapraya, 2010 - Photos courtesy of Stéphane Rousseau

The refugees at the border camps knew the water and food truck came from Thailand border towns, knew the name of the places where the volunteers departed each moning to come to the camps and returned to at night:  Aranyaprathet, Tapraya, Banthai Samart...but we really never had a chance to go there, never envisioned what the towns look like

These are photos taken by Stéphane Rousseau, an UNBRO camp officer during our refugee time, to show the town many of us only know by name, and the organizations we remember by heart, when he revisited the place in 2010
Thanks Stéphane for sharing these photos.

Going to Tapraya or Site 2?
In the corner, what used to be P'Orn's restaurant where mostly COERR, Handicap International and a few other expats used to take our dinners. P'Orn remembers well Father Alfonso, Claudia, John and Jib, Ken and Agnes, and so many others, etc
Where Mam (and Monta for a short while) used to live

Totally unrecognizable, this used to be the place where the Handicap International's home was in Tapraya when I first came in in 1985... (the house behind the shops, which did not exist then)

This used to be the COERR Office in Tapraya...

(Front) Our former home, to Andy Pendleton and I.
Next house (on the right), was that of Liz Bernstein, Beatrice Montariol, then Monta.

The photo album could be viewed here:


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