October 10, 2015

More Photos from Site 2 Camp - Thai Cambodian Border 1989-90- Photos courtesy of John Launder.

Photos courtesy of John Launder.
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More Photos from Site 2 Camps Thai-Cambodian Border - 1989-1990

A further series of Brian Hurlock's photos of Site 2 during the time he was working for COERR during 1989-90 showing conditions faced by Cambodian refugees who had fled the tyranny of the Khmer Rouge and the invading Vietnamese in those terrible times for the Khmer people.

Volunteers such as Brian and fellow Australians like Adelia Bernard, Margot Grant from Western Australia, who also were volunteers with COERR did wonderful selfless humanitarian work during those bitter years. Margot wrote a heart moving account of her 8 years in Site2  in her book  "Bamboo and Barbed Wire." (Goodbook, 7 Hampton St, Mandurah WA 6210 email:  smallprint@tik.com.au ) 
Adelia also wrote of her experiences and work in her book called "One Heart" which was more autobiographical and a spiritual reflection on her involvement being a vocational call from the Mother of God.
Local kids Site 2, 1990

Local Waterhole - Sanro- Site 2 1989

A host of Street angels, Site 2 1990

Daily chore for their water ration - Sanro 1989

Suburbia Site 2 - 1989 - Nong Chan Camp

Part of Sok Sann Camp - 1990

The Kitchen - Dang Rek Camp Site 2 1990

An ex-soldier, now COERR Trained artisan Site 2, 1990

Local Barber Shop, Sok Sann Camp 1990

A Soldier's Good luck tattoos, Sok Sann 1990

Sorting Silkworms Site 2, 1989


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