October 09, 2015

Site 2 and other Camps - Thai Cambodian Border 1989-90 - Photos courtesy of John Launder.

Some introduction from John Launder: " ... I was involved with assisting refugees. I did visit Songkla a few times, I was a short term volunteer at Phanat Nikhom Transit camp back in 1984. With a few friends I formed the Oakleigh Refugee Assistance Group in 1978 and we acted as a CRSS resettlement group and were active for about 10 years. Along with another friend John McKenna (deceased) we formed a group in 1982 which became the Australian Section of the International Society for Human Rights. ISHRA still operates, although I only play a minor part now. I was executive officer of the Victorian IndoChinese Communities Council in 1990. I will be paying probably my last visit to Vietbam, Cambodia and the Thai Burma Border October this year. I expect to take small ISHRA contributions to the Nha Trang Babies Shelter, the Themy Orphanage in Phnom Penh, and to Dr Elisabetta on the Thai Burma Border. All mentioned in my Blogs. If you or any of friends would like to assist they may send Tax Deductible donations to ISHRA PO Box 168 Thomastown 3074. 100% of donations go to the projects.




Here are some photos from  John launder blog site, Bagsy's Soap Box.

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 Site 2 and other Camps - Thai Cambodian Border 1989-90

I have reproduced some photos taken by Brian Hurlock an Australian volunteer with the Catholic Office of Emergency Relief and Refugees (COERR) from his time working to assist in the provision of humanitarian and education services to refugees from Cambodia and Vietnam in camps along the Thai - Cambodian Border in the period 1989-1990. They are produced with his permission. As with other photos from those times if there is a picture that refers to a particular individual who does not want it to be continued to be published on this site then please contact me John Launder through comments below or through email : bagsy41@gmail.com .

Don Bosco School - Site 8 - unloading machines Jun/Jul 1989
Don Bosco School, Sok Sann Camp Mar 1990

Automotive Workshop - Sok Sann School
Class Room - Sok Sann 
Sok Sann Class - Thai Teacher

Many war wounded Don Bosco Schools help to train

Automotive workshop (note simple wooden leg)
Bust of Don Bosco - Sanro Camp Site 2 1990

Brian teaching English - Sanro school Site 2 - mid 1990

1  Khmer teacher, 2 'barang' teachers and students August 1990 - Ampil School Site 2

Vietnamese students  COERR Technical School - Ban Thad Camp 1989

Vietnamese students - COERR - Ban Thad 1989

Cambodian students COERR Art Class Site 2 1989

To the Market Sok Sann 1990     

Women going to market Sok Sann Camp - March 1990

Women heading to the market - Sok Sann

"Young traders??" Sanro Camp Mini Market Site 2 1990

Mini Market Sanro Camp Site 2 - 1990
Proud young mom  - Sanro 1990

Kids at Sanro market 1

More young "traders" - Sanro Camp

Khmer People's Traditional Medicine Centre Site 2 1990

Picture 1 Brian with Vanna a healthy young ex-soldier who was afflicted by cerebral malaria 1i 1984

Acupuncture Treatment

Young ex-soldier blinded by grenade explosion

Above 4 photos of young people in Site 2 : suffering from the effects of 4 months in a Thai gaol Trat Province being  1990 treated as illegal immigrants

Ancient Chinese Ceremony - Aranyaprathet Thailand 1989
Preparing old unclaimed bodies from unmarked grave sites 
for traditional Buddhist Funeral

Dragon Dance

Parade of mythical characters

Washing of the skulls
"Giving" skull gold leaf (to take to the next world

Some of the skulls after the washing ceremony

"POW" in which bodies cremated

The beginning of the cremation


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