May 30, 2018

IN MEMORIAM : Father PIERRE CEYRAC.s.j (4 Feb 1914-30 May 2012)

Fr Pierre Ceyrac at the Emmanuel Church, Vietnamese Land Refugee Platform , Dongrek .
(Photo courtesy of Le The Phung)

Hôm nay, 30 tháng năm, là ngày giỗ Cha Pierre Ceyrac sj, vị ân nhân vĩ đại của Trại tỵ nạn đường bộ tại biên giới Thái-Miên những năm 1980's và 1990's....

Có người cho rằng Cha Pierre Ceyrac là vị thánh sống giữa người tỵ nạn...lời nói này cũng còn khiêm tốn cho nhiều người tỵ nạn đường bộ...bỡi lẽ nếu không có Ngài chắc nhiều người chúng ta không có ngày hôm nay...

Cầu xin Cha luôn ban bình an cho chúng con như Cha đã dấn thân cho chúng con 20, 30 năm về trước....

Today is marking the 3rd anniversary to remember our Father Pierre Ceyrac sj ...a greatest benefactor of the Vietnamese Land Refugee Camps along Thai-Cambodia in 1980's and early 1990's.

Some even suggests that He is likely a Saint who lives with us, among us and now above us...Perhaps that kind of words does not even convey the deep appreciation of many refugees who once could not survive without him...

We pray that he always be with us, bless us as he physically did many years ago ... Here are some pictures about Father Pierre Ceyrac sj ...Please remember and pray for him.... THANK YOU

Father Pierre Ceyrac SJ, Father John Kennedy Binghams SJ and Father Jean Houlmann ,
together offered a mass for VNLR at Site 2 (Christmas 1986??)

Father Pierre Ceyrac visited Washington and his friends, Mr Jim Towey, the late US senator Mark O'Hatfield (R-Oregon)...Photo courtesy of Theresa Huong, who also has been sponsored by Mr Jim as per Fr Pierre request.

Fr Pierre Ceyrac with the musical band at the VNLR church Site 2 North 
(From Right: Louis Tri Louis Le, Tai Trang boy scout and others) ...Photo courtesy of Louis Tri Le

Cha Pierre tại Site A

Father Pierre Ceyrac blessed a boy that was injured by the VC shelling ( scar on the belly)..Site A

Fr Pierre Ceyrac among refugees seen at Red Hill, border Thailand-Cambodia 1982

Father Pierre Ceyrac SJ , Father Thomas J. Dunleavy MM visited VNLR administration...
(From left: Mr Salemach, Mr Pham, and Mr Huan ) and a delegate from ICRC

Fr Pierre Ceyrac...his last days..

Father Pierre Ceyrac visited patients at the VNLR Vietnamese Land Refugee Camps
COERR hospital , Site 2 South, Thailand

Father Pierre Ceyrac and Father Jean Houlman visited friend refugees who had been transferred from the border to the Transit Center in PanatNilhom, Chonburi....prior to depart to the third country for resettlement. Those refugees had been helped by Fr Pierre and Fr Jean in their interview with Embassy Immigration officials...

Father Pierre Ceyrac "illegally" got through the fence in trying to visit refugees 
without permission from Thai Task Force 80...

Fr. Pierre Ceyrac with Fr Mark Raper SJ...Chennai, India

Fr Pierre Ceyrac offered the mass at the forest of Dongrek, right after the evacuation of the camp, 
due to the massive attack of VC 1983

Father Pierre Ceyrac, Father Jean Houlmann with VNLRs at Site 2 south church 
(From left : Nghia, andrew Hieu T Lam, Bac Bet, Peter Chuong Opd, Phung Le and Yen)

Site 2 North Church-The choir and Father Pierre Ceyrac and his guests

Fr Pierre Ceyrac and his friends after Sunday mass at the platform of Dongrek

Father Pierre Ceyrac and his best friend, Mr. Jim Towey from the US congress, visited VNLR...1986

Father Pierre Ceyrac sj....His tomb in Chennai, India his willingness to be rest there... 
(Photo courtesy of Fr. Mark Raper SJ)

(Photo courtesy of Trinh Huy Chuong unless noted)


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