September 15, 2013

Doctor Robert Brands, Doctor Robert Overtoom and the Medical Team MSF, COERR at the Thailand-Cambodia border - Dongrek , Site 2 Camp

Doctor Robert Brands, Doctor Rob Overtoom, all medical staffs who once upon the time have extended their helping hands and responded to our desperate needs and in most difficult and crisis situations...Vietnamese Land Refugee Camps , we would like to convey our deepest and overdue gratitude to you all . What you have done for us remain in our heart....We wanted you to know that there is always a special place in our heart to remember you...although we missed you at our 30 years reunion in Montreal recently 22 June 2013... We thank you!

"... The first part of this video clip was recorded in the COERR clinic for out-patients at Site One, a narrow strip of land between Thailand and Cambodia where thousands of Khmer refugees camped in tents from January 4 until March 5, 1985. The second part of the film shows the activities of a team of the International Red Cross (ICRC) and a Finnish doctor talks about the shelling of Dong Rak by the Vietnamese army on January 24, 1985. The population of Dong Rak consisted of Khmer refugees and Vietnamese refugees, the so-called Vietnamese Land Refugees..."
(Dr Robert Brands' comment of the video)

Dr Rob Brands with Hai Long Tran, Hoan Dang, Sureeporn A. Eriksen,Monta Soontornchai, 
Patti Pitayapisut,Thanh Phuong Duong, Savang Tran, and others



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