September 14, 2013

Return to Site 2 - Feb 2010 - Photos courtesy of Stephane P. Rousseau

With a great pleasure to introduce to you Stephane P. Rousseau , a former UN official tenured different roles back in our refugee time in Dongrek, Site 2 and beyond...

Stephane was not only helping to bring food and water on daily basic to the refugees at that time... He was also actually using his powerful lens to capture many images, photos....those are now priceless, recently he even returned back to the site to witness and judge the different setback by time and mother of nature....He has shared with us this voyage...Thank you Stephane .

"Monta has been my wife for now
more than 23 years" ~Stephane

(photo courtesy of Peter Chuong)
For those VNLR medics work at COERR OPD, Hospital in Site 2 North and South may recall a young Thai nurse named Monta...she is marrying to Stephane in 1988 .... They both now have 2 children and still travelling around the world for other missions....and carry with him most powerful lens with sophisticated minds....

Early this morning I have asked Stephane P. Benoit Rousseau - Street Photography to share his works with us ...Here is what he has offered:

Stephane P. wrote: "You are most welcome to do so. They are from my public albums. Like you, I feel this is like giving back to people what belongs to them. All the best, Peter!"
"Stephane P. Rousseau Peter, please, feel free to visit my public albums. If you look at the oldest you will find more pictures of the life in the camps.

PLEASE ENJOY ....and PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO CREDIT Stephane P. Rousseau for his excellent photography me He is more than a pro....what is the most adorable note is his braveness....dare to capture the most difficult and rare moments...Those photos served as our food of the mind today when and where we are living in a comfortable standard but need to remember the past...they help a lot in this respective indeed.

Merci beaucoup Stephane...

(Peter Chuong)

* * *

TRẠI TỴ NẠN ĐỪƠNG BỘ DONGREK, SITE 2 ...ngày hôm nay...Hình chụp do Stephane P. Rousseau, nguyên Nhân viên của Tổ Chức Lương Thực Thế Giới thuộc Liên Hiệp Quốc và Chương trình cứu trợ biên giới ....Stephane trở về Dongrek, Site 2 tháng hai 2010.....

Thay đổi ...cảnh vật thay đổi quá...nhận không ra....chỉ nhờ vào lưng của dãy núi Dongrek mới định được vị trí trại của mình ngày xưa...

Merci...Thank you Stephane P. Rousseau for this precious series of photos...a voyage back to the past...

* * *

(Photo courtesy of Stephane P. Rousseau)
For more photos please visit Stephane's album: RETURN TO SITE 2 (FEB 2010)

Believe it or not: this was Site 2 South!

What used to be a very crowded bamboo city is now a forest...

Finally a clue!!! I do recognize this "little canyon"! This was on the Site 2 border road before reaching the entrance. I recall a bandit attack where DPPU chased the bandits in this area. I finally know where I am now!

...and now the dike and the reservoir! It s still here!

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The back road leading to Nong Chan camp...
This was Nong Chan camp. These trees cannot be older than 17 years..

Evacuation road.

The other side, the back road leading to Dong Ruk camp...

This was Site 2...

Taking the border road back to Tapraya... No security threat now forbids it.

For more photos please visit Stephane's album: RETURN TO SITE 2 (FEB 2010)


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