September 18, 2013

Father, you never leave

When we all departed
Settling down around the world
He is still there
Smiling broadly to the refugees
As if we never leave

When we are all asleep
Dreaming about the next thing to buy
He is still there
Lending his fragile shoulder to any shaking man
As if he never ages

When we are all move on with life
Leaving the land we once lived covered with wild
He is still there
Listening to the hardship, the suffering, the pain
As if he never knows it beforehand

Photos of  some of the activities father Tom is doing in Thailand- courtesy of Father Tom


Dat Tran said...

It is easier to admire Fr. Tom for his life time dedications and services to the refugees than to step in and do it.

Anonymous said...

cost nothing to admire....

Peter Chuong OPD said...

Nhìn cái áo của Cha đang mặc...có lẽ Cha thích màu này...hay là đức tính đơn giản mộc mạc của một người tu hành...Chiếc áo này mình nhìn thấy cách đây chừng 20 năm về trước rồ xem lại mấy blog cũ , quý vị sẽ thấy chiếc áo màu quen thuộc này đó...

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