November 27, 2007

O Dongrek - Here we came

Around March or April 1984, we departed Nong Samet for Dongrek camp. We were happy because of the change, for any change would breathe, even how ephemeral, new hope into our seemingly eternal anguishes and exhausted dreams. We did not know where the camp was, even now, except that it was somewhere in the north. The Dongrek refugee camp lies at the base of the Dongrek mountain range in northern Cambodia, and thus its name. The mountain is so large and the camp so new that it did not exist on the map then or now.

The road to the Vietnamese land refugee camp
For the first few weeks, we lived under and on the ubiquitous blue tarp, until the thatch and bamboo were brought in to build the common houses.
Trọng, Tâm, Tùng, Cường, Huân, Uyên, Hưng


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