December 07, 2012

The Volunteers

Some pictures of the volunteers at Dongrek refugee camp

(Photo courtesy of Vu Hoang Quan)

A typical day at Vietnamese OPD ( Out Patient Department).
The OPD staffs helped refugees in the camp with common sickness.
For serious cases that need surgery or overnight observation,
 the patients would have to be transported to Khao I Dang for treatment.

In picture: Duong, a "senior" ODP staff member,  is working alongside an ICRC nurse 

who came into the camp every morning to help
Dongrek OPD - 1984

Staffs of the Dongrek OPD posing with an ICRC nurse.
A box of Mintezol (for pinworm, also pictured on the box :) was visible on the table
From left: Dương, (man in front of Dương??) , Hưng, Thành (man behind Hưng),  woman??, Vy, Siêu

Dongrek OPD - 1984

A coffee break for the volunteer.
This kind of instant coffee was a real treat, hard to find,
for the refugees at the time.
(well, Dominic might bring along the coffee as a gift :)
From left: Chương, Bình, Quân, Dominic of COR (Christian Outreach), Dương
at "Lều 19" Dongrek - 1984

A visit to the bedroom +kitchen+living room .
Each refugee got about 4cm of the bamboo "bed" that stretches entire length of the  "hut".
 This bamboo platform could sleep about 50 refugees at night.
In the picture: Dương was preparing food, chopping some kind of squash,
when Jean-Marie stopped by for a visit
"Lều 19" Dongrek - 1984


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