December 30, 2012

Transit Camps

Transit Camps

The refugees at the border camps eventually got interviewed, accepted, and settled in a third country: Australia, Denmark, French, Sweden, Malaysia, and others. Many got accepted by the US. All the  refugees accepted for resettlement had to be transported to Panatnikhom transit camp for a month or so to complete paper work,  and for health screening before flying to the final destination.

For those who went to the US, they had to go to either Bataan or Galang to study English and learn about the life in America

Below are the links to the stories and pictures of the camps that had become part of our journey to freedom. Gaylord Barr captured those moments at Pulau Galang and Bataan when he worked at the camps as an English teacher. Trinh Huy Chuong, a refugee from border camp, had the luxury of a camera to capture the pictures at Panatnikhom during the short time he was there.

Thank you Gaylord and Chuong for sharing these priceless memory.

- Pulau Galang Refugee Camp - Indonesia
- Bataan - Philippines Refugees Processing Center (PRPC)
- Panatnikhom


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