March 31, 2013

Bác Lâm Nê hôm nay

Hình bác Lâm Nê tại tư gia do Siêu mới gởi.
Bác Lâm Nê sẽ tới Montreal dịp hội ngộ này.


Peter Chuong OPD said...

What 's a blessing for all of us! It will be more meaningful and complete joy to see our most respectful and reputable leader..Bác Lâm Nê. 31 years ago, in Nong Chan camp where the line between death and life was so thin , when the dark was always above and surrounding us...when the dawn was down...the terrors presented and after each of us...The warlord named "THI" and his accomplices manipulated, abused and practiced their devil wills.. Bac Lam Ne was the only one who could confronted them ..of courses not by forces but by his wise and smart arguments ... 31 January 1983, the vietnamese communist troop with heavy artillery and armed-armors attacked Nong Chan camp, without Colonel Lam Ne , we could all die or captured by the VC troop...He again ordered ,, gathered us and one by one evacuated safely into Thailand soil..Thank you Bac Lam Ne for your kindness, wisdom and devoted life to many of us...We are so moved to learn that you are coming to join us on the reunion day...May God always bless you...See you soon..

ERIC D. Hua said...

Hello Every one!

This is a great Message from Mr. DUNG HUA a former refugee in Thai-Cambodia border Camp

Would like to express a Congratulations on your reunification in face book

With warmest wishes for the best in life
as you all look forward to a shared the passed, present and hope
of life, friendship,and the wonderful closeness
that is happy reunification on all over the World

Thank you

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