March 30, 2013

Trước Thềm Hội Ngộ: Những khuôn mặt tị nạn xưa

Where are our Friends now???

(Photo courtesy of Trinh Huy Chuong)

We don't want to miss one should be left behind without notice...Please by all mean spread the news...encourage each other...pooling...hand on hand...come altogether, see each other in person, hug each other tighter...longer than ever before....because we all know, after that we will again bid farewell for another time...but this time some of us will be never seen again....Let the new generation, our children, our sibling , our offsprings...carry over and that we all live....Please help us to make this reunion possible and memorable, unforgettable....No reunion in this earth will be the same..(Chuong)
Chị Khá and her son...where are you now?

Who is this boy? where are you now?

Brother Hai and Thuong: Philadelphie, PA

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hoa ...Chicago please re-connect us

Lâm Văn Mến..please communicate

Who is this young man?

s this Anh Trang? Please communicate with us

At the mosque in Dongrek.

Are you still out there? Please tell us...


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