March 14, 2013

Những Vị Ân Nhân của Trại Tị Nạn Đường Bộ chưa bao giờ biết đến....The never-mentioned before benefactors of the Vietnamese Land Refugees

Not long ago, I have posted here in our blog an article about Mr. Jim Towey (Jim Towey February, 7th , 2013). 
During our spring break vacation in the southern Florida last week, I have a great honor to be invited to visit Mr. Jim and his family in Ave Maria, Florida.
Mr. Jim has shared, unfolded and told us (the children, the wives) many stories, details and pictures that we have never heard before.
Our visit was briefing but was fully packed with many memories.  We talked, laughed, have a BBQ meals and with our tears in our joyful celebration and family atmosphere.
I took this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Jim Towey and his colleagues for their devotion and helping hands back then almost 3 decades ago.
Like you I even did not know a lot of things had to be done inside and within the US government, the international community (donor nations) to make the South-East Asia Refugee Program successfully possible.  The result is simple is that to provide us a full spectrum of freedom and a stable home as we all have today.
I do not intend to re-write anything more or less but wish to at least share to you of what I have been learned.  Below is my email to Jim (post trip) and another email to my friends in Washington DC and California.  I hope it may bring many of us back where we come from, very unique, very interesting, that was the Vietnamese Land Refugee Camps along the Thailand-Cambodia border during the year of 1982-1989.  Please note that I could ask Jim to provide some pictures from his precious albums, but I realize that some materials are very sensitive, not to us, but to other people as they were involved in higher diplomatic level.  But I will request Jim to release some of them so that our story and history will be more enhanced and rich in the content. I posted some of our pictures. Thank you (and sorry for my English)



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