July 08, 2013

Dư Âm Hội Ngộ- Thơ của Martine gởi tới những người tỵ nạn đường bộ

Tại nhà hàng Chez Lien, Montreal
Martine, chị Vy, chị Hoàn, và bạn chị Vy'

Dear Friends, Chers amis,

I would like to tell you again THANK YOU SO MUCH for your warm and so appreciated welcome during the wonderful meeting of the VNLR, in Montreal.

This reunion has allowed me to see some of you again, and to realise how much our lifes were connected over the years and the time passing by.

I'm so pleased and I want to thank again Quan Vu and Peter and all their beloved, for the tremendous organisation they did for this very special reunion.

I have experienced so much friendship and love during those ceremonies that my heart is full and I am so happy now ! I never had thought that this reunion would give me the opportunity to heal from all these terrible moments we shared on the border in 84-85. It is a real blessing and I deeply thank you for your gratitude but I also want to congratulate you for your courage and energies to develop your successful life far from the difficulties of the past !

All the best to all of you and see you again one day, for sure.


With Vy

With Hoàn

with Duyên (Chương phu nhân)

With Father Tom


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